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Our Commitments

We are committed to working with the finest fabrics and factories to deliver a product with outstanding quality at a price that’s fair to our customers, our suppliers, and the environment.

Our processes emphasize quality over quantity, uncompromising standards for our partners, and artisanal finishing.

These are our commitments, and we remake them daily with our choices.

We choose premium materials to deliver a premium experience.

By committing to use exclusively premium natural cashmere and silk (to be followed soon by merino wool and cotton), Gávea fabrics have an elegant feel and quality. Furthermore, these natural fibers are biodegradable, ensuring a natural assimilation back into the environment.

The use of man-made fiber is reserved for specific purposes, and it is always disclosed and explained. For closer-fit garments, as an example, elastic fibers can help the garment’s shape last. Still, we opt for the largest percentage of natural fiber as possible in all our designs.

We choose partners that are committed to our ideals.

Each Gávea purchase is a commitment to our brand and the quality of our product. It’s our responsibility to ensure that every step of production features suppliers, artisans, and factories that hold those same beliefs.

We work with suppliers who share our passion for high quality materials, fabrics and yarns.

We work with companies who are committed to animal welfare.

We work with businesses who certify environmental responsible practices.

Throughout the sourcing of fibers, fiber dying, fiber spinning and processing, they maintain a level of quality that is uncompromising, resulting in less wasted material and a higher-quality product we can all support.

We choose to design collections that are season-less.

Each of Gávea’s collections is an exploration of a theme that relates visual iconography and identity.

On a conceptual level, those aren’t bound to a season. They don’t need to be retired. They won’t ever feel out of place or out of date.

On an environmental level, we are freeing ourselves from the day-and-date necessity of a season so we can better utilize our natural resources.

On a personal level, our customers should feel free to wear these designs when they want without feeling tied to a limited window.

We choose to commit to quality.

Our customers know that each step of Gávea’s production follows the same commitments we do.

High-quality materials lead to durability in our knitwear, with natural products that also contribute to a more lasting world.

Limited use of non-biodegradable materials like plastic leads to a better use of our planet’s resources.

A shared commitment to inclusivity and fair labor practices, including shared sentiments on fair pay and child labor, are paramount.

By valuing the people, the process, and the product, we commit to creating a system that’s sustainable and ethical.