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Knitwear Care


The essential steps to care for Gávea knitwear.

Washing & Drying

Knits can either be hand washed or dry-cleaned, with a preference for the former.

Steps for Handwashing :

  1. Fill the tub - Use cool water, then add two capfuls of pH neutral wool/cashmere shampoo.
  2. Add water - Place items under the water and gently move them about to ensure the soapy water is spread evenly. Let them soak for up to 30 minutes.
  3. Scents and smells - If fabric has any unwanted odors, add ¼ of scented vinegar to tepid water, then mix that in with the cool water as clothes soak for 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse - Run cool water until the water runs clear. Press the water out between hands or against the sink. Resist the temptation to wring.

Machine-washing may be the only option. If so, the following steps will help protect knitwear.

Tips for Machine Wash:

  1. Use a mesh bag to protect from friction that leads to piling
  2. Without a mesh bag, turn knitwear inside out to prevent friction
  3. Set to a wool/delicate cycle, use cool temperatures, and a low spin
  4. Remove knits after washing to reduce creasing

After washing comes drying. There are several ways to dry knitwear, but there is an important rule to remember before moving forward: Never hang wet wool .

Drying :

  1. Lay out items - Lay knitwear in its natural shape on a rack or a towel away from direct sunlight or heat sources (like radiators or cats) that can shrink/damage the wool.
  2. Squeeze dry - Lay knitwear flat on a towel. Roll it up in the towel (like rolling  a sleeping bag), then gently squeeze out the water.
  3. Steam dry - Since ironing will flatten a yarn’s natural pile, steam to remove wrinkles, odors, and bacteria.

Dry cleaning is possible, but this at-home process will protect the fiber’s natural oils to keep them luxuriously soft.

Protecting Against Pilling

  • Comb - Remove pills on fine gauge yarns by using a sweater or fabric comb

For upkeep between wearing and washing, the use of a cashmere spray is recommended. Knits should be folded, not hung, for their protection.  

Caring for knitwear ensures their longevity.

Storing Knitwear

Each Gávea knit comes with a storage bag made of 100% cotton and with a zipper closure to keep it protected while it’s not being worn.

But it will take more than a bag to keep moths away.

For those familiar with knitwear, there is an unfortunate truth: once moths are found, the damage is done.

The larvae that were laid have feasted on the fibers of the knit. So to protect knitwear, the proper steps need to be taken well before.

Generally speaking, larvae search for a place to grow during warm, humid summer months. That’s what makes the back of the wardrobe so appealing. But before the larva can eat the fibers, they need something to drink.

Unfortunately, the sweat and oils that accumulate throughout a day’s wear is the perfect cocktail of vitamins, minerals, salts, proteins and cholesterol for these larvae to grow.

By washing knitwear before it’s stored and by storing it in Gávea’s sealed storage bag, the knits remain safe and secure until their next wear.